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2/18-2/19 Weekend Preview & A New Seed List!

Updated: Feb 18

Seed List Quick Thoughts:

  • The one-seed line is going to be difficult this year; 7 teams for 4 spots.

  • The final two seeds could get competitive with a loss from one of the Pac-12 teams.

  • The three/four seed line is an absolute mess. There are 9 teams for those 8 spots right now (IU currently sits as the first 5 seeds in this group)

  • Creighton, Northwestern, Michigan Stae, OK State are all surging up into the bracket.

  • Texas A&M's really making a bracket push, but the two Q4 losses hurt a lot.

  • Memphis has a golden chance to get out of the last spot where they've been hanging for most of 2023.

This weekend, I have to work both Saturday and Sunday nights; in what is the last weekend, I’ll have to work for the foreseeable future! The downside of this is that I’m going to miss a LOADED slate of games. My thoughts are below:


  1. Notre Dame @ Virginia:

  2. Illinois @ Indiana: Another weekend, another HUGE game in Assembly Hall. This time it’s bordering state rival, Illinois. IU could jump to the 4 line with a win, and Illinois would stay on the 6 line with a win but may fall to 7 with a loss.

  3. Seton Hall @ UConn: Noon/FOX. Both teams need this one; UConn needs a big home win at Gampel to keep their 3-seed line spot. Seton Hall’s my 9th team out currently and would move up with a win here.

  4. Texas Tech @ WVU: Noon/ESPNU. WVU’s rising in my bracket, currently right at the end of the 7 line; this game could drop them back to the 8 line but wouldn’t move them up much. Texas Tech is sitting about 11th out right now with a HUGE chance to move up with a Q1 road win. They are still multiple wins away from the bracket, but this would help.

  5. Rutgers @ Wisconsin: Another Bubble Battle, I have Rutgers on my 10 line as part of the Last four byes, and I have Wisconsin as the third team OUT currently. A lot riding on this game for both teams.

  6. Tennessee @ Kentucky: 1 PM/CBS. The return game for the Vol’s after getting controlled by Kentucky in Knoxville. Rupp should be rocking, and Tennessee comes in riding high after beating Alabama. UK needs this one to get a 2nd elite win and help their resume; Tennessee is pushing back toward the 2 line.

  7. Oklahoma @ Texas: 2 PM/Big12|ESPN+. Another HUGE game not on national TV. Have I mentioned that I HATE the ESPN+ push for the Big 12 this year?! Anyway, Texas is in the middle of a suddenly crowded 1 seed fight, and Oklahoma is now in the bracket. This game means a lot for both teams; Texas would fall on the 2 line with a loss, and Oklahoma MAY stay in the bracket with a loss.

  8. Iowa State @ Kansas State: 2 PM/ESPN. This is a HUGE matchup. These teams are very close for seeding purposes, with Iowa State being just above the Wildcats. I would likely flip K-State to a 3 and Iowa State to a 4 with a K-State win. If Iowa State wins, they would be in a position to move toward the 2 seed line if someone loses.

  9. Wake Forest @ Miami: 2 PM/ACCNX. This is one of Wake’s best chances to make any noise coming down the stretch. A win here would pop them back into the bubble consideration. For Miami will probably stay on the 5 line even with a win but would solidify themselves there some more.

  10. Oklahoma State @ TCU: 2 PM/Big12|ESPN+. TWO GAMES ON ESPN+ IN THE SAME WINDOW?! It’s AWFUL to put them on there, but at least spread them out. Anyway, both teams need a win, I’ve been trying to lock TCU for like 2 weeks, but they can’t get there. Oklahoma State’s suddenly pushing up and into the bracket some. They’re making a run at a 9 seed with a win in Fort Worth.

  11. Florida @ Arkansas: 2 PM/ESPN2. This should be fun. A loss here puts Florida out, and probably not with a chance to get back into the bracket, especially missing Castleton. Arkansas, on the other hand, could fall down to the bubble and maybe to the 10 line with a loss but would likely push for an 8 seed with a win.

  12. Mississippi State @ Ole Miss: 3:30 PM/SECN. This is a sneaky big game, mainly because it’s a rivalry but also because the Bulldogs can’t afford to lose this one. Mississippi State sits in the ever-crowded last 4 in and this loss would drop them to OUT.

  13. GAME OF THE DAY!! Baylor @ Kansas in Allen Fieldhouse. This is going to be a wild contest, and Baylor has a chance to solidify their foothold on a 1 seed. I’m likely moving the loser of this one to the final 1 spot/first 2 spot. Both teams are 1 seeds for me right now; this could be a final 4 preview.

  14. DePaul @ Xavier: 4 PM/CBSSN. Can Xavier get back in the win column? Big East top 4 teams are 30-0 at home in Big East play. I don’t expect this to be the first loss at home for one of those teams.

  15. Villanova @ Providence: 4:30 PM/FOX. This is a game that makes me nervous if I’m a Friar. yes, it’s at the “AMP” (THE DUNK), but they just played a very emotional game in 2OT, beating Creighton at home. Can they avoid a letdown and move up on the 9 line? Villanova, as weird as it is, just isn’t in a good spot and would likely have to win out until the BET championship to get in.

  16. Pitt @ Virginia Tech: 5 PM/ACCN. I have taken VT off of my teams under consideration altogether; they just have too many losses to get back in it, in my opinion. Pitt, on the other hand, is sitting as my 2nd to last team, currently playing Memphis in Dayton.

  17. Georgia @ Alabama: 6 PM/SECN. I feel bad for Georgia here. I expect Bama to steamroll them, similar to what Gonzaga just did to LMU.

  18. Utah @ Arizona State: 6 PM/Pac-12. Elimination game, in my opinion. Both are likely out, but this will officially finish one of these two off.

  19. Duke @ Syracuse: 6 PM/ESPN. Duke needs to win this one, I know it’s hard to play at Syracuse, and Boheim will have his team ready, but Duke needs it; they currently sit at a 9 seed and can’t afford a bad loss.

  20. Texas A&M @ Missouri: 6 PM/ESPN2. HUGE matchup! This is the best game between non-ranked teams this weekend. Mizzou sits on the 9 line, and TX A&M is in the Last 4 in currently. The Aggies are also making a push to win the SEC and will need to win this one to get to that goal. It should be entertaining!

  21. Gonzaga @ Pepperdine: 7 PM. Zag’s should handle this one easy.

  22. Clemson @ Louisville: 7 PM/ACCN. A loss would make Clemson’s already poor resume completely out. A win doesn’t help, either.

  23. Creighton @ St. John’s: 7:30 PM/FS1. Can the Bluejays avoid what happened to the Friars last weekend? The Johnnies are sneaky good, especially in Queens. Creighton’s pushing toward the top of the 6 line right now.

  24. Colorado @ Arizona: 8 PM/ESPN2. Arizona wins this one and stays on the 2 line.

  25. Michigan State @ Michigan: 8 PM/FOX. Sparty will play this one inspired and should go into Ann Arbor and play well. Michigan’s desperate for a win to get them closer to the bubble. Sparty’s sitting on the 7 line right now and is likely staying there win or loss Saturday.

  26. Nevada @ Utah State: 8 PM/CBSSN. Another HUGE game for the MWC at-large hopefuls. I currently have Nevada as an 8 seed and UT state as my 5th out. The road to the bracket for UTST is not going to be easy, but this would be very helpful. Logan should be Rockin.

  27. North Dakota State @ Oral Roberts: 8PM Oral Roberts is currently my #1 12 seed and should stay there with a win; they have an outside chance at an 11 seed.

  28. Auburn @ Vanderbilt: 8:30 PM/SECN. This may be a sneakily competitive game. Vanderbilt’s competitive and did just beat Tennessee in Nashville. Auburn stays an 8 with a win and may fall to a 9 with a loss.

  29. Penn State @ Minnesota: 9 PM/BTN. Penn State is in the crazy close grouping of the final 3 teams into the first 6 teams out. Right now, they could push to the first 4 out with a win, but won’t get in with a win here. A loss would be very costly.

  30. BYU @ St. Mary’s: 10 PM/ESPN2. This one should be very entertaining. 16-13 BYU is very competitive and just has gotten bad bounces this year. Will that continue, or will SMC jump on them early and keep them at arm's distance?

  31. Stanford @ USC: Stanford’s competitive and actually led UCLA in LA at the half Thursday before letting UCLA pull away at the start of the 2H. I think this one could be very close and would be a detrimental mark on USC’s resume. USC is my 4th team OUT right now.

  32. California @ UCLA: 10:30 PM/Pac-12. UCLA rolls here against one of the worst teams in the NCAA.


  1. Ohio State @ Purdue: 1 PM/CBS. At the beginning of Big Ten play, this would have been a GREAT game to see, now? Purdue should win by 20+. Key’s hurt, and Ohio State’s 3-12 in the Big Ten this year. Purdue has to win to stay on the 1 line.

  2. North Carolina @ NC State: 1 PM/ESPN Must-win time for the Tar Heels. A loss here would be very detrimental to their at-large hopes. I have them as the 1st team out right now. NC State is a 10 seed for me at this point.

  3. Memphis @ Houston: 3 PM/ESPN. This is a day I’m just throwing ESPN on and leaving it there from 1-5 PM. This is a MONSTER matchup for both of these teams. Currently, Memphis is my final team, and Houston is my #1 2 seed. Whoever wins will move up a spot or two in the bracket (Tigers would jump a seed line). This is the first of two games in the next couple of weeks between these teams.

  4. Maryland @ Nebraska: 5 PM/FS1. Can Maryland keep the momentum up from the Purdue win? I think they win this one comfortably, but Nebraska can be sneaky good. Maryland would likely stay on the 8 line either way.

  5. Iowa @ Northwestern: 6:30 PM/BTN. This is a matchup that many wouldn’t think would be important, but both of these teams are projecting as a 7 seed right now, and both are coming off of big wins. It will be good!

  6. Oregon @ Washington State: 7 PM/FS1. Oregon needs this to stay close to the bubble; a loss will push them to the Next four Out.

  7. UNLV @ Boise State: 9 PM/FS1. Boise needs to win this one to stay above the bubble for now. If they lose, it could be a worrisome end of the year for the Broncos.

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