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Bracket Banter 2/15: Big 12 Update

Welcome back to the fringe bubble Texas Tech, and welcome back to the bracket, Oklahoma! The best conference in CBB isn't disappointing this year!

  • Big 12:

  • Locks:

  • Kansas: Another week, another 2 Q1 wins for Kansas. They’re now 12-5 in Q1!! They’re pushing right back up there with Purdue/Alabama for #1 overall, and it looks like they end up on the 1 line.

  • Texas: Before Monday, I was considering the Longhorns for the 1 line; they took a loss in Lubbock, solidifying them on the 2 line. Huge game vs. Oklahoma Saturday.

  • K-State: Two losses to bubble teams in a row have pushed the Wildcats back toward the 5 line. they’re currently on the 4 line, but with a Marquette win tonight, they would be #16 overall now. They need to beat Iowa State on Saturday to stay on the 4 line.

  • Iowa State: Two huge games this week; they host TCU tonight, then they travel to Manhattan to take on K-State. I have them as the top 3 seed, but they could be around UCLA for the final 2 this weekend.

  • Baylor: Beating WVU on Monday is a solid win; now they travel through Kansas to play in Lawrence on Saturday and then in Manhattan on Tuesday; they’re riding along as the #1 2 seed and are pushing Houston for the final #1 seed.

  • Should be in:

  • TCU: Close to a lock, but can’t get them there until they win another game. They could become locked with a win tonight over Iowa State.

  • Bubble:

  • WVU: The Mountaineers were so close to putting separation between them and the bubble, but have now been dominated in back-to-back games and are back to the bubble, albeit they’re an 8 seed right now, but they need to win these next two Q2 games in the next week.

  • Oklahoma State: Welcome to the 10 seed, Cowboys; they’re trending in a great direction and have 5 more Q1 games before the Big 12 tournament. I believe that 2 wins will get them into the bracket, with 3 moving them up a seed line or two.

  • Oklahoma: Welcome back, Sooners, I have placed them back into the Last Four Infor the moment, playing Memphis in Dayton. I believe they need to go 2-3 in their last 5 to have a shot at the bracket, but they have to win the Q2 matchup over Texas Tech next Tuesday. I think they’re going to go into the Big 12 tournament with some work to do to get in.

  • Texas Tech: One note on the Red Raiders, two wins in a row have them trending in the right direction, but they’re still out. They need to beat at least 3 more teams and one game in the Big 12 tournament to have a chance. They could bring a very entertaining twist to the bubble in the next month.

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