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Bracket Banter 2/17: A Mid-Major update.


  • Houston: The truly telling part of the Cougar's schedule starts on Sunday when they host Memphis. After that, 3 Q3 games before going to Memphis. A 1 seed is very pos

sible for them, especially if they can get one against Memphis.

  • Gonzaga: The ‘Zags got mad and absolutely punished LMU last night. They may do the same thing to Pepperdine… Again. The matchup on 2/25 vs. SMC looms large for both seeding and, of course, the regular season WCC championship. I have them as my final 4 seeds right now.

  • St. Mary’s: 2 Q3 losses really hurt what is a solid resume for the Gaels. They have a HUGE matchup Saturday vs. BYU, and then, of course, next weekend, they travel to Spokane to play Gonzaga. They have a shot to win the WCC regular season.

Should be in:

  • SDSU: 4 games remain for SDSU, whom I will lock in after one more win; They get the weekend off before a tough end of the year gets started. 2 Q1 games remaining, both on the road vs. bubble teams. They sit on the 5 line, and that is likely their ceiling.


  • FAU: The Owls lost a game that isn’t a terrible loss, but unfortunately, the C-USA just isn’t strong enough to lose anymore. They’re at the end of my 9 line right now and could keep falling down if they lose more. Metrics are a big part of why they’re in the position they are right now, and if they drop any of their 2 Q4 and 2 Q3 games remaining, those would take a hit. It could be a very entertaining end of the year for the C-USA.

  • Boise State: The biggest issue for Boise’s resume is only 1 Q1 win. They’ll have a couple of chances to fix that at the end of the year, and I think that they get into the bracket with 3-2 or 4-1 in their remaining games.

  • Nevada: The Wolfpack are in a position to get into the bracket, they’ve won 4 in a row, and after tomorrow’s game in Logan, they have 4 Q3 games to end the year. I believe that we see Nevada in the bracket, probably between an 8-10 seed.

  • Memphis: The Tigers are my final team in the bracket right now; they’ve been hovering there for several weeks, but they have a chance to get out of that spot. Sunday - Houston in Houston, they then have Wichita State, Cincinnati, SMU, and then host Houston to end the year. They need one of the two over Houston, in my opinion.

  • New Mexico: The wheels have fallen all the way off for the Lobos, and they have lost 4 in a row, including a Q3 and Q4 loss each. They MUST beat San Jose State tonight, and then they need to win one of their Q1 games remaining, along with the Q2 and Q4 game at the end. It’s going to be a tough road to the bracket for UNM.

  • Utah State: 2Q2 games, a Q3 game, and a Q1 game remain this year for the Aggies. They likely need to win out to get in this year. They may also need a game or two in the MWC tournament.

  • North Texas: Win out, take a good loss in the C-USA tournament, and see what happens. Nothing else is going to get them close to the bracket.

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