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Bracket Banter 2/17: A Pac-12 Update.

This is the smallest conference update to keep track of, mainly because this is at-most a 4-bid league, but likely either 2-3 bids come March. I suspect that one of USC/Oregon sneak into Dayton.

  • Locks:

  • UCLA: Coming back out of the 2H and beating Stanford was a HUGE result for this team. AZ/UCLA are effectively tied right now, and that game on 3/4 is going to be HUGE for deciding who ends up on which seed line. The Bruins have an outside chance for a 1 seed with some more chaos.

  • Arizona: The Wildcats HAVE to stop dropping games they should win. The Stanford loss hurts their chances at a 1 seed, and their ceiling is likely a 2 seed, barring something crazy from happening.

  • Bubble:

  • USC: The Oregon State loss was just absolutely devastating. They get Stanford Saturday, before 3 straight Q1 games and then a Q2 to end the year. They’re just on the outside looking in for the moment.

  • Oregon: Back-to-back losses in the last week hurt the Duck's chances a lot. They HAVE to go 4-0 in their next 4 to get in.

  • Utah: Utah still has 3 Q1s and a Q2 left; to even think about dancing, they need 3/4, if not all 4, of these games.

  • Arizona State: I don’t know if AZ State can make the bracket, similar to Utah; however, they have 1 Q2 and 3 Q1s upcoming, so the opportunities are there. Win three more, and it could be a very interesting Selection Sunday.

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