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Bracket Banter 3/3


Seed list:

My first seed list is here for this month! I picked a TERRIBLE week to start a new job, but we persevered! Right now, I have 33 locks and a handful of teams I would lock with a win this weekend. Also, Take a Peek at the 1 line for a new arrival onto the 1 seeds!! Yes, I know certain teams can't make it because of transition rules, but it's my preference to leave them here to give them credit for the GREAT season they had. I'll be updating as AQs get locked in. I've also locked two teams into their seed line, those two being Kansas and Alabama.

Locks: Teams 1-28 on my seed list, plus Texas A&M, Iowa, Arkansas, Missouri, and Providence.

That brings us to 33 locks for 46 spots!

Bubble Teams:

These teams are now playing for the final 14 spots.

  1. FAU: (99.9% sure they're in) the Owls sit on my 7 line, and I'll lock them with a win tomorrow.

  2. Boise State: Lock with their next win.

  3. USC: Maybe not a lock with a win this weekend, but they're VERY close. Several bid-stealers would have to get involved for them to miss.

  4. Memphis: Locked if they beat Houston or if they don't lose their first game in the AAC tournament.

  5. WVU: Lock with a win over Kansas State.

  6. Mississippi State: They have to beat Vanderbilt, which is harder than it sounds! They will not lock tomorrow.

  7. Nevada: I likely won't lock the Wolfpack with a win over UNLV, but they can't lose it, or they could fall quickly.

  8. NC State: Win a game in the ACC tournament, and they should be good. It'll be dicey if they don't.

  9. Auburn: Auburn needs to beat Tenessee. A tall task, yes, but they need the Q1A win it brings. They would likely fall with a loss just because someone on the bubble has to win tomorrow, RIGHT?!

  10. Pitt: This is why AP rankings are awful; Pitt is #25 but is closer to 50 than they are 25; with that being said, win tomorrow, and they should move up several spots in the bracket. If they lose, it could be very dicey; HUGE game in Coral Gables.

  11. Rutgers: Beat Northwestern, and you're likely in. Lose, and it gets VERY dicey.

  12. AZ State: Must win for AZ State. They have to assume other bubble teams will win, so they must win too. USC is going to be ready for this one because this could practically lock their bid up.

  13. Utah State: They're in because of their metrics and Q2 record. They have 0 Q1 wins. They MUST beat Boise today to stay in or even have a shot at getting in at all.

Waiting Room: Wisconsin, Oklahoma State, Penn State, UNC, Michigan

Parking lot: Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas Tech.

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