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Feast Week: The Day Ahead

Updated: Nov 23

Hi everyone! I'm going to run one article with each day's games in it, but I'm not going to update it until the night before once we have a better picture of the matchups for the next day! These MTE's are AWESOME! Lets have some fun! This would be a good time to subscribe to the site, or at least bookmark this page for further reference this week! Remember, this isn't a comprehensive list, just what I'm trying to watch each day!

Friday Preview!

Unfortunately, we've reached the end of our awesome Feast week. It's been a GREAT ride, and we've found out a lot about a lot of teams this week! There are still some solid games Saturday/Sunday, but we're winding down.

11:00: Texas A&M/FAU (ESPN)

Noon: Bryant/Xavier - Really interested to see if Bryant can keep the momentum up from upsetting FAU!

1:00: Arkansas/UNC (Atlantis)

1:30: Penn St/Butler (ESPN)

2:00: Lipscomb/UNC-A (Northern Classic)

2:00: Indiana State/Toledo (Ball Dawgs)

3:00: Oregon St/Pitt (NIT)

3:30: USC/Oklahoma (Rady Children's)

3:30: Memphis/Villanova (Atlantis)

4:00: Jacksonville/Robert Morris (Urban-Bennett Memorial)

4:00: Davidson/St. Mary's

5:30: Baylor/Florida (NIT)

5:30: Iowa State/VA Tech (ESPN)

6:00: Seton Hall/Iowa (Rady Children's)

6:00: Texas Tech/Michigan (Atlantis)

6:45: Pepperdine/New Mexico (Ball Dawgs)

7:00: Alabama/Ohio State (Emerald Coast)

8:00: VCU/Boise St (ESPN)

8:30: Northern Iowa/Stanford (Atlantis)

8:00 & 10:30: Vegas Showdown finals/3rd place game!

Thursday Preview!

Wednesday brought us some great games, with Atlantis's late games delivering very well! Also, Maui wrapped up, and the Purdue/Marquette game truly felt like it could be a preview of the final four in March! Meanwhile, I do have concerns building about Tennessee. (This was written before the UCLA/Gonzaga game, incase something crazy happens there).

Today, I'm VERY thankful we have college basketball. There aren't a ton of games, but the matchups we do have will not disappoint!

Noon: Penn State/TexasA&M (ESPN)

Noon: Texas Tech/UNI (Atlantis)

1:30: Loyola Chicago/Boston College (HOF classic)

2:30: Nova/UNC (Atlantis)

2:30: FAU/Butler (ESPN)

3:00: Oklahoma/Iowa (Rady Children's invitational)

4:00: Arizona/MSU!!!

4:00: Colorado St/Creighton (HOF classic)

5:00: Arkansas/Memphis (Atlantis)

5:30: Seton Hall/USC (Rady Children's Invitational)

5:30: Iowa State/VCU (ESPN)

7:30: Stanford/Michigan (Atlantis)

8:00: Boise St/Virginia Tech (ESPN)

10:00: NC State/Vanderbilt (Vegas)

Midnight: BYU/AZ State (Vegas)

Yes, I know I listed every single game today, yes, I will be following each one. They're all solid matchups that will likely have impacts down the line!

Wednesday Preview!!

Tuesday brought a SOLID day of games, including an OT matchup with FSU getting a GREAT win, and possibly the ugliest game ever in Purdue/Tennessee. Can't comment on the Marquette/Kansas game yet because it's about to tip. Wednesday brings an AMAZING 16 hours or so of basketball! Buckle up!!

Alright, Feast week is in FULL swing, but today some BIG MTE's get going while.a couple come to a close!

11AM: Iona/Buffalo (Gulf Coast()

Noon: Northern Iowa/UNC (Atlantis)

Noon: App St/Murray St (Ft. Myers)

1:30: Boston College/Colorado St (Hall of fame)

2:30: Tennessee/ loser of Marquette/Kansas (Maui)

2:30: Texas Tech/Villanova (Atlantis)

3:00: North Alabama @ UT Martin

3:30: Ole Miss @ Temple

4:00: Princeton @ Old Dominion

5:00: Purdue/winner of Marquette/Kansas (Maui)

6:00: WVU/Virginia (Ft. Myers)

7:00: Baylor/Oregon ST (NIT)

7:00: Ga Tech/Cincinnati

7:00: Indiana St/Pepperdine (Ball Dawgs)

7:30: Stanford/Arkansas (Atlantis)

8:00: Duquesne @ Nebraska

8:30: James Madison/ Fresno State (Cancun)

8:30: SMU/Wisconsin (Ft. Myers)

9:30: Florida/Pitt (NIT)

9:45: New Mexico/Rice (Ball Dawgs)

10:30: Bradley/UTEP (SoCal)

11:45: Toledo/UC Irvine (Ball Dawgs)

Midnight: Gonzaga/UCLA (Maui)

12:30: Tulane/Cal (SoCal)

Tuesday Preview!!

Unfortunately, I have to work Tuesday before being off for 6 days, so I'm writing this before Maui and some games finish up Monday night. Monday was AWESOME. Purdue and UConn both won the highly contested games, and Kentucky struggled with St. Joseph's going all the way to OT.

There are a bunch of solid matchups today, but these are the ones that pop out to me!


11:00: Long Beach St/Iona (Gulf Coast)

Noon: App State/UNC-Wilmington (Ft. Meyers)

1:00: Marshall/Oakland (Cayman)

2:30: Syracuse/Gonzaga (Maui)

4:00: FSU/TBD (Sunshine Slam)

5:00: TBD/TBD (Maui)

7:30: UAB @ Middle Tennessee State

7:30: TBD/Wright State (Gulf Coast)

8:00: Tennessee/Purdue (Maui)

10:30: TBD/TBD (Maui)

11:15: New Mexico/Toledo

Monday Preview!!

Highlights: Several MTE's get going today, and a couple end this afternoon! All eyes are in Maui at 5PM EST!

11:00: Oakland/LMU

1:30: Murray State/UNCW!

2:30: Tennessee/Syracuse Maui Game 1!!

4:30: Indiana/Louisville in Brooklyn... Can Louisville keep the momentum rolling?!

5:00: Purdue/Gonzaga, Maui Game 2!!

5:30: FSU/UNLV. Both of these teams need a W!

7:00: Texas/UConn in Brooklyn! HUGE Matchup!

8:00: Colorado/Richmond!

8:30: SMU/WVU in Florida!

9:00: Kansas/Chaminade, Maui Game 3!

10:30: Bradley/Tulane!

11:30: UCLA/Marquette in Maui game 4!!

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