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NKY Bracketology: 2023-24 Bracketology Is this Season a Trick or a Treat for Your Team?!

Updated: Nov 5

At long last, spooky season is over. My preseason seed list! Who's in, who's out?! Find out below!

A couple logistical notes before the bracket:

  • Seed lists will be released weekly until 1/1, with the seed list coming out either Sunday night or Monday during the day!

  • After 1/1: there will be small changes throughout the week and an updated seed list every Thursday night/Friday afternoon. There will then be a full scrub and a new bracket on Monday each week (I'm hoping for a noon release, so I can be your lunchtime read)!

  • Daily updates for Champ week, of course!

  • I don't do formal brackets often because I feel that they take away from my time I can watch games, but I will put one out around Thanksgiving, one around Christmas, one before the top 16 release in February by the committee, one before champ week, and of course, the final one the morning that the comittee releases.

  • One note: I do not honor the NCAA transition rule in the first seed list of the year. If I think that a team who just happens to be in that trantition period is going to win their conference, I will put them in my seed list as a way to bring some extra exposure/spotlight to them!

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2023-2024 Bracketology Preseason Seed List:

For any of my friends who are colorblind, please DM me on Twitter @NKYBrackets! I'll get you a black/white bracket!


Predictions for Each Conference:

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