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NKY Bracketology CFB Top 25: Week 5

Updated: Sep 25

First and foremost, I'm not a college football guy and I'm not going to pretend to know enough about it to keep the top 25 up each week, but... here we are. I did my preseason preview last week and got a lot of interaction! Along with picking the CFP, team of the week and disappointment of the week, my Heisman pick right now is listed as well! I'll be adding performance of the week in after this week! Follow me on Twitter for more content! @BracketNKY

This week: I've taken a deeper look, and these rankings have a power-ranking element in them as well, so it's not as much me predicting/mocking the AP/Coaches, but includes my takes on the year, which is why Michigan's dropped so much as did USC.

First teams out: Clemson, Kentucky, Colorado, Fresno

Top 25: 25: Kansas State

24: Kansas

23: Florida

22: Mizzou

21: Tennessee 20: Oregon State 19: Ole Miss

18: Miami (FL)

17: Duke

16: Washington State

15: UNC

14: LSU

13: Alabama

12: Oklahoma

11: Notre Dame

10: Utah

9: Michigan

8: USC

7: Oregon

6: Penn State

5: Ohio State

4: Georgia 3: Washington

2: Texas

1: FSU

National Champ: Washington

CFP Teams: Washington, Georgia, Texas, FSU

Team of the week:

1a: Ohio State. I expected the OSU/ND game to be GREAT, and it lived up to that expectation. OSU proved to a lot of people that they can play with the big teams, and have that toughness that was in question. MHJ's the best WR in the country, and it looks like he's got some solid QB play starting to show up.

1b: Oregon. The Ducks completely steamrolled Prime and co, and deserve to be on this list. I expected them to win as did most people, but I don't think many, if any nationally had them dismantling them like they did. They look like a serious threat to make the CFP!

Biggest Disappointment this week: Colorado. They got embarrassed, and with all of the talking they do, they have naturally ended up in the spotlight constantly. They didn't appear to show up in Oregon though, as Bo Nix and co rolled. Next week's going to be another tough one!

Heisman: Michael Penix Jr.

Games I'm watching this week:


Oregon State vs. Utah! Huge one in Corvallis! Will Rising be back?!

Cincinnati @ BYU!


Noon: USC @ Colorado, and Florida @ Kentucky

3:30: Kansas @ Texas!

6:00: LSU @ Ole Miss

7:30: Notre Dame @ Duke!

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