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NKY Bracketology: Week 11 Top 25!

CFP Rankings are out! I’m still not sold on the whole Ohio State being #1 thing, but find out below!

Top 25:

25: Kansas State

24: UCLA

23: Notre Dame

22: Arizona

21: James Madison

20: Tulane

19: Kansas

18: Missouri

17: Tennessee

16: Oklahoma

15: Oklahoma State

14: Utah

13: Oregon State

12: LSU

11: Louisville

10: Penn State

9: Ole Miss

8: Alabama

7: Texas

6: Oregon

5: FSU

4: Washington

3: Michigan

2: Ohio State

1: Georgia

National Champ: Georgia

CFP Teams: Georgia, Michigan, Washington, Ohio State

Team of the week: Alabama! They handled LSU, and now we can start thinking of a Georgia/Alabama SEC title game with the winner going to the CFP!

Biggest Disappointment this week: UCLA! Letting Arizona beat you like that is just unacceptable.

Heisman: Jayden Daniels!

Weekly Viewing Guide:




TBD: (will update once ESPN app does)

Ole Miss @ Georgia

Utah @ Washington

Tennessee @ Mizzou

Arizona @ Colorado - This one doesn’t have the big time implications as the above do, but I don’t know that Colorado can lose this and get to a bowl game this year.

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