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NKY Bracketology: Week 8 Top 25!

Updated: Oct 21

Alright, this week the CFP race really started to heat up, and the epicenter was the Pac-12! First, Washington beat Oregon in a THRILLER, however, USC got blown off the field at Notre Dame. There is a scenario that could arise where the Pac-12 destroys itself from the inside and no teams get a playoff spot. The B1G, SEC, and Big 12 would have a lot to gain if that happened as well, and today could be the turning point of that trend to start happening!

Top 25:

25: Iowa

24: Air Force

23: Tulane

22: UCLA

21: Missouri

20: LSU

19: Duke

18: USC

17: Notre Dame

16: Louisville

15: Utah

14: Oregon State

13: Tennessee

12: Ole Miss

11: Alabama

10: UNC

9: Oregon

8: Texas

7: Ohio State

6: Penn State

5: Washington

4: Oklahoma

3: FSU

2: Michigan

1: Georgia

National Champ: Georgia

CFP Teams: Georgia, Michigan, FSU, Oklahoma

Team of the week: Washington. Second week in a row we’ve had a crazy rivalry game be extremely influential at the top of the rankings, second week in a row that the entire country wants to see a rematch in December!

Biggest Disappointment this week: USC. How? Just how? Notre Dame had been through a gauntlet and just absolutely kicked the Trojans around South Bend. Williams’ 3 INT’s will hurt his heisman campaign as well. Absolutely no room left for error for the Trojans the rest of the way, and that’s not going to be easy.

Heisman: Michael Penix Jr.

Games I'm watching this week:

Noon: Penn State @ Ohio State! Game of the week! HUGE playoff implications!

3:30: Bama vs. Tennessee, Washington State @ Oregon!

7:30: Duck/FSU!

8PM: Utah @ USC!

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