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NKY's NCAA Football Top 25

First and foremost, I'm not a college football guy and I'm not going to pretend to know enough about it to keep the top 25 up each week, but... Here's my preseason top 25, and the teams I think will win each P5 conference along with some CFP/Heisman picks!

Remember, I'm putting a preseason poll up, not my projected final poll, so it is different than what's going into the CFP picks!

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25: Iowa

24: Texas A&M

23: Oregon State

22: Ole Miss

21: Oregon

20: Tulane

19: Wisconsin

18: Oklahoma

17: TCU

16: North Carolina

15: Kansas State

14: Utah

13: Tennessee

12: Washington

11: Notre Dame

10: LSU

9: Texas

8: Clemson

7: Florida State

6: Penn State

5: Michigan

4: Ohio State

3: USC

2: Alabama

1: Georgia

National Champ: Georgia

National Championship: Georgia/USC

CFP Teams: Georgia, USC, Ohio State, Texas

ACC: Florida State

Big 10: Ohio State

Big 12: Texas

SEC: Georgia


Heisman: Marvin Harrison Jr.

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