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NKY's NCAA Football Top 25: Week 2

First and foremost, I'm not a college football guy and I'm not going to pretend to know enough about it to keep the top 25 up each week, but... here we are. I did my preseason preview last week and got a lot of interaction! Along with picking the CFP, team of the week and disappointment of the week, my Heisman pick right now is listed as well! I'll be adding performance of the week in after this week!

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25: Duke

24: Texas A&M

23: Oregon State

22: Ole Miss

21: Oregon

20: Tulane

19: Wisconsin

18: Colorado

17: Kansas State

16: North Carolina

15: Clemson

14: LSU

13: Oklahoma

12: Tennessee

11: Notre Dame

10: Utah

9: Texas

8: Ohio State

7: Washington

6: Penn State

5: Michigan

4: Florida State

3: USC

2: Alabama

1: Georgia

National Champ: Georgia

CFP Teams: Georgia, USC, Michigan, Florida State

Team of the week: Colorado. It has to be Colorado, right?!

Biggest Disappointment this week: This was going to be LSU, but did you watch Clemson? 7-6 lead at half, 3 drives in a row ended with 0 points, getting as deep as the 4, 7, and 1 yard line of Duke's. AWFUL. Undiciplined & just not a great look for the Tigers, especially when ACC foes FSU looked SO good.

Heisman: Travis Hunter

Upcoming Games of the week: Colorado/Nebraska, and Alabama/Texas!

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