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SEC Tidbits 3/5:

With the SEC Bracket set, I was on to discuss the SEC tournament and bracketology GREAT pod; the link is below this. Below the link are the notes I took in prep of the podcast on the SEC going forward, along with my thoughts on who take the trophy in Nashville.

SECT Podcast link:

Matchup Notes:

  1. Ole Miss/South Carolina: Metrics dictate Ole Miss should win, BUT I think Jackson will carry the Gamecocks over Ole Miss.

  2. LSU/Georgia: I like GA here. They’ve shown a lot of progress this year; winning a SECT game would be a great sign for Mike White and co.

  3. Miss State/Florida: Mississippi State MUST win this game, or I believe they will fall out. I expect them to play desperate and come out playing hard and get this one.

  4. South Carolina/Tennessee: Tennessee wins this one. They’ll lock down South Carolina or Ole Miss.

  5. Arkansas/Auburn: I expect the Razorbacks to win this one. Auburn’s coming off a HUGE win, and a little bit of an emotional letdown could happen here. I’ll take Arkansas.

  6. Vanderbilt/Georgia (or LSU): Vandy’s hot right now, and they’re a sleeper team to win the whole thing. Give me the Commodores.

  7. Miss St/Alabama: I’ll take Alabama. They need to win this one to be confident they get to stay on the 1 line. Miss ST can lose this and still be OK.

  8. Missouri/Tennessee: This game is practically a toss-up for me. Missouri is #9 on offense this year, and they did beat Tennessee in Knoxville. Especially with Tennessee’s injuries right now, give me the Tigers here.

  9. Arkansas/Texas A&M: These two split close games this year, each winning at home. Right now, Texas A&M is HOT & after last year, I don’t want to bet against the Aggies in the SECT. This one’s more of a toss-up for me. I’ll take Texas A&M in a CLOSE one.

  10. Vanderbilt/Kentucky: This should be fun! If Wallace is back, UK wins; if he’s still out, this is a toss-up. The Commodores did just beat UK in Lexington at the buzzer on 3/1. I think UK wins this with or without Wallace.

  11. Missouri/Alabama: I’m taking Alabama. Alabama plays faster than the Tigers, and Alabama has a GREAT defense. Missouri’s #196 defense, per KenPom is just bad. I’ll take Alabama in a high-scoring game.

  12. TX A&M/Kentucky: This will be another great game! A&M is in the 30s in both offense and defense, while UK’s better on O (14) and worse on D (66). Both teams are in the 200’s in tempo, so this one will be a rock fight. I’ll take UK to edge out a close one IF Wallace is back and A&M in a close one if he’s not.

  13. Championship possibilities:

  14. UK/Bama: If UK’s healthy, this one will be very interesting, I’d lean toward UK keeping this close and maybe winning, but Bama did beat UK by 26 earlier in the year. Sign me up for this one!

  15. A&M/Bama: I think Alabama wins this. They want revenge, and they’ll likely play desperate.

Give me either UK or A&M to win it; as I said on the pod, a healthy Wallace, and I think it's UK's to lose.

MVPs/Tournament Teams:

  • I’m taking Antionio Reeves as the MVP if UK wins the tournament.

  • Brandon Miller MUST be the MVP for Alabama if they’re going to win the tournament here.

  • For A&M to win the tournament, both Wade Taylor and Tyrece Radford have to shoot well from 3 to give them a shot.

  • To round out the All-Tournament Team, I’ll take Oscar if the UK does play well.

  • My sleeper team is Vanderbilt; for them to make a run to the championship, I’d replace at least one of UK players with Robbins from Vanderbilt.

  • GG Jackson’s also a player to watch if South Carolina wins a couple.

Bracketology Purposes:

  • Alabama - is a 1 seed. I think they’re unlikely to get #1 overall, but likely getting #2/3 overall.

  • Tennessee - Losing game 1 = 4 seed is the ceiling; they could end up on the 5 line pending other results.

  • Kentucky: Could rise to the 5 line. Likely a 6 with one win and likely a 7 with a loss in game 1.

  • Texas A&M: Could rise as high as a 6, likely 7/8 unless they win.

  • Arkansas: Practically locked at this point. Their metrics are too good. Could get as high as a 7 with a deep run.

  • Missouri: Could rise to a 7 and is likely stuck in the 8/9 without a good run.

  • Auburn: Locked now, still on the 10 line, but they could get to the 8 seed with a solid run.

  • The only team not locked:

  • Miss State: Beat FL, or they’re out. They also need to play competitively with Alabama in their second game. Right now, they're the 5th to last team in the bracket.

  • Everyone else is AQ or bust.

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