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Top Four of the Big East & Home Court Advantage:

I've been tracking home-court advantage for most of the conference play, and it's apparent it's present in all conferences along the bracket/bubble lines, but the Big East may be the most substantial. The top Four teams in the #BigEast are 32-0, with a real shot at 40-0 at home in Big East games. I'll give it a 55%/45% that it does happen. A breakdown of the schedules is below, along with my thoughts!

  1. Marquette: Home remaining - vs. DePaul, vs. St. John’s - I say 2-0; they should roll past both of these teams. An undefeated regular Big East regular season is likely at this point. I’ll say 90% confident they finish 2-0 at home.

  2. Xavier: I’m very curious to see if Xavier can sweep Villanova this year, they’ve never done it, and it’s something the fans want badly. With that, Xavier has 2 home games left, vs. Villanova and vs. Butler. I expect them to do to Butler what they’ve done to St. Johns & DePaul and run them out of the gym, but the Villanova game is very interesting. They play on Tuesday this week at 6:30. The Musketeers are shorthanded but may get Claude back for this one; it’ll be an electric environment and will be a great precursor to the Marquette @ Creighton game that follows. I’ll say 62% confidence they pull it off.

  3. Providence: The Friars have the toughest two-game stretch of home games left - vs. Xavier, 3/1, and vs. Seton Hall, 3/4. This sets them up for a difficult end of the year, and if Freemantle stays on the 4-week timeline, he could be back when Xavier goes to the AMP. I like the Friars to win these two, just because of how difficult it is to go into the AMP and win, but both of these teams will put up a HUGE fight. I’ll go 65% confidence.

  4. Creighton: Home remaining - vs. Marquette, vs. Georgetown - I’m less confident in the Bluejays just because Marquette’s going to be in Omaha on Tuesday, but I’d say that Creighton goes into the game favored and could pull out a win, and of course, they must avoid the landmine of Georgetown at home. I’d say I’m 60% confident they get an undefeated regular season.

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