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Hey guys! I'm going to attempt to watch a game from every single D1 CBB team in the country this year! Last year I got to 203, so I have a long way to go!! 

Quick notes on how this is gonna go: 

  • To qualify as a game "watched", I have to watch it for 20 minutes of game time. I have 4 total screens I use at the house, the game that counts is going to be on the main screen. ​

  • I'm going to try and make it to every local team in person atleast 1 time. 

    • I have Xavier season tickets, so I will see all of their home games in person, which also includes Cincinnati, so I will hit them as well. ​

    • Stay tuned regarding the other teams! 

  • Google doc tracker is below! It has my tenative game schedule for each week, as well as my trakcer of which teams I've watched and what date! ​

    • I hope you'll follow along with me!!!! ​

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